Body + Spirit - Soul Food

Recipes for the Soul


Daily Recipe

  • Multi-Vitamin & Mineral, Green Supplement & Preventive Herbs – Protocol For Life Balance Herbs
  • 10 -15 Minutes (anytime) of focused Breathing & Stretching; slowly in through nose, slowly out mouth, holding each stretch for 2-3 minutes long during in and out breathes
  • Consume Fruits and Vegetables daily, make sure each meal has colors like the rainbow, eat less meat, and drink eight 8oz cups of water daily, more depending on activities
  • 15 Minutes to yourself - A space of total peace, stillness, quiet, serenity (Hot Bath, Park, Closet), nobody around or in your space at this time, just you with you.
  • Do BRIEF daily activities that lift your soul – dancing, singing, receiving, praying, meditating, giving, sharing, affirmations, reading self-development books. Try doing all of these on different days for variety and exploring, each activity can have it’s own season in your life so just do something, and have fun with it.

Weekly Recipe

  • 1 Day Fast (except week when you do your monthly 3 Day Fast) – Fast off food or something that you know is harmful to your body but you do anyway because your addicted or lack Will power to change
  • 1 Day of Rest – Stay at home, relax with family, read, sleep, soak , reflect in nature, couch potato, massage, acupuncture. This is a good day to combine your weekly fast with
  • A Warm or Hot Bath with Epson salt, Dead Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Essential Oils - Frankincense & Myrrh (Interchange with Lavender the days you want to relax and rest)
  • Two – Three days a week convenient exercising, stretching & Bouncing, walking, running, biking, home exercise (sit-ups, pushups, wall sits, lunges, jump rope)
  • Budget money according to your payday and what you already know your bills will be and stay within that budget and save the rest, no unnecessary or spontaneous spending, save money by staying at home, most often when we leave the house it’s costing us because of spontaneous spending or burning unnecessary gas.

Monthly Recipe

  • 3 Day Fast – Fast off foods like bread, meat, dairy (cheese, eggs, milk, etc.), sweets
  • 5 Day Blood Purify & cell oxygenation – put 1oz Liquid Chlorophyll in 1 gallon water, refrigerate, drink ½ gallon daily for 5 days (if you have Chlorophyll pills put 4 pills in one gallon water and let dissolve)
  • Look forward to something; hiking, visiting friends, eating out, exploring, movies, family cookout
  • Pay all bills for the month when you have the money, if you get paid once a month pay everything at that time, if you get paid twice a month, break the bills into two pay cycles and pay both cycles when your money first come in even if it’s due a couple of weeks out, you may not have the money then
  • Start saving a certain amount each month in an account that you don’t have easy access too

Quarterly Recipe

  • 1 Month Detox – Detox Your Colon & Liver Organs
  • Treat yourself to a weekend getaway, new outfit or pair of shoes, or spa treatment
  • Review what your spending, sometimes we’re spending on things that we’re not using or unnecessary
  • Evaluate home priorities, family, partnerships, friendships and organizational commitments

Yearly Recipe

  • Parasite and Yeast Cleanse
  • Wholistic & Medical Checkups - Birthday Month – Pap, Mammogram, STD’s, Dentist, Optometrist (eye), Prostate, Blood Workup, Iridology, Lifestyle Consultation, Nutrition & Food Prep, etc.
  • Vacations & Family Reunions
  • A New Year, A New Vision, A New Cycle in your Life, A New Wholistic Lifestyle Calendar for the year

Mix of Ingredients

RECIPES FOR THE SOUL is a system to ORGANIZE your life by making lifestyle changes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Implementing a system in your life is required to ORGANIZE your life and a must to acquire harmony and peace.

Wholistic Lifestyle Essentials is ingredients, ingredients for good health, ingredients for spiritual growth, ingredients for prosperity, ingredients for a good life, ingredients for good relationships and the ingredients is necessary for the soul to live abundantly and not parish Note: Replace the word “ingredient” with the word “knowledge”

Start keeping a journal, it will help to see the progress you are making, also write down EVERY bill you have each month & your monthly income, this will help with the monthly budget and provide less financial stress.

RECIPE FOR THE SOUL begins to work in your life the day you make up your mind and start implementing the recipes. It may take a few months to adjust, but if you don’t give up you will see your life changing before your eye’s, better health, more financial freedom, better relationship with self and others, mental clarity and emotional stability.

Get a calendar and make it your Wholistic Essentials Calendar and map out a yearly plan for your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly Wholistic lifestyle activities. The calendar must be displayed in a convenient eyesight location. Begin your day with your “Wholistic Lifestyle Calendar” as you do your daily work agenda and schedule. Be flexible and patient.

If you lack knowledge or the know how in a recipe area; For instance on meditation, financing or wholistic well-being, or nutrition, get knowledge; Read a book, browse the web, consult with an expert. STUDY; Take a class or attend a Food Prep class. As long as you keep seeking knowledge it will find you; That which you seek is also seeking you and one day you will find one another; Good or Bad. When you don’t seek to take care of yourself, you are seeking bad health unconsciously, when you don’t seek righteousness you are seeking unrighteousness unconsciously, there is no luke warm, this is the horizontal gravitational pull or the Laws of Attraction.

Within each recipe there are numerous options to explore when it comes to incorporating them into your life, let your imagination run long and high and then begin to adjust and shape your life accordingly, plan it out on a Wholistic Lifestyle Calendar.

Strive to create habits with the Recipes For The Soul, they then become automatic, this will help you remember to take-care of you. If you find that you do not have time to do the Recipes for the Soul or you’re too tired, your life is to busy & unorganized, it’s necessary to arrange your lifestyle to accommodate personal time.



When you start to Implement the RECIPES FOR THE SOUL people will start to leave your life, you may see this as negative, but it is an expected result that happens from self-growth, you become allergic to toxicity

You will start to care about taking care of you and your family first. You will gain knowledge of life and purposeful living. You will see life with a new perspective. The Warning; Once you’re in the know you can’t go back to not knowing or pretending to have allergies (toxicity) when you know you’ve been healed. If you know better; then do better.